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Who is EdmontonsBesthotels.com? (EBH)

Where are the hotels located?

Why should I book using EdmontonsBestHotels.com?

We’re your one-stop Edmonton shop!

You can book directly at all of our member hotels and you’ll never be misdirected to booking site other than the hotel of your choice. Most of the time, you won’t even be charged in advance of arrival (you’ll only be charged in advance of arrival if booking a package on the site). PLUS you’ll have access to unique offers and inclusions found nowhere else.

I have a question. What do I do?

If none of your questions are answered on the list of those commonly asked, you can use the online form below to submit. You’ll receive a response within 48 hours.

And remember, we won’t use your email address to communicate with you (other than to get back to you with an answer) UNLESS you opt in for communications.

I’m interested in upcoming offers, contests and news from EdmontonsBestHotels.com, but I don’t want to end up on a bunch of email lists. Will the EDMH share my contact information?

What happens if I have to cancel my hotel reservation?

At EBH we know that stuff happens but you have to promise to come another time! Now that we’ve got that out of the way…

When booking a room only, your reservation is made with the hotel directly. Each hotel has their own terms, conditions and policies including cancellation policies. Be sure that you have read and understood the policies when you link to your chosen hotel.

As a mom with kids under 10, I usually look for family-friendly hotels and activities when we need a getaway. How can I figure out which hotels are, and where can I find other things to do?

When searching for your next escape through EBH, use our Amenities menu to check off features that you want from your hotel. The search results will show you only properties that match your needs. In your case, be sure to also check off “waterslides”. ?

Outside your hotel, there are lots of things to do with the kids. Things that you grown ups will love too! Click on the Edmonton Tourism link from our navigator menu at the top of the page to get to Edmonton’s Best Hotels’s site or click here to go directly to their BLOG.

Hockey is my favourite thing. Like, literally in the whole world. I never want to miss a posted hockey offer on EBH. How can I be one of the first to know when new packages are posted?

I’m so confused. All I want to do is book a hotel room but whenever I click “Book Now” I get taken to a completely different website. How do I book on EBH???

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