One benefit of our self-isolation is time.  We can choose from many, many things to do with that time and given that it is Spring, a good ‘ol Spring Cleaning could help to improve our mood and better enjoy the space that we are spending the majority of that time in.  Like most of us, I have no idea where to start with home organization or deep cleaning.  It feels impossible!

So instead of cleaning, I’ve started by searching the internet for some of the best resources to help me (and you!) get motivated to improve our living spaces!

A good first stop is Good Housekeeping’s list of 50 tips.  My favourites are tips on how to sanitize your phone (#5), descale your coffee maker (#7) and de-grease your kitchen cabinets (#35).

Tackle home organization in 15 minute chunks with the info from this article from Apartment Therapy. I especially like the make up bag clean up tip – raise your hand if you have at least a couple of items older than 5 years hiding in the bottom of yours (My hand is raised.).

Heard of Marie Kondo?  She is a Japanese home organization consultant whose cleaning and organization tips are based on “sparking joy”.  Check out this article from Chatelaine that gives on overview of Marie’s top tips or check out her show Tidying Up on Netflix.

Ok I’m off to go clean!  Now – honestly, I am.