Our Edmonton’s Best Hotels mascot, Tucker the Pillow, is quite the comedy fan.  It’s perfect timing for comedy, since we could all use a little escape from reality.  So here are a few recommendations for things to check out on Netflix…  Oh and BTW, some of these are grown ups only.  Actually most of them are.

Actually, all of them are.

TV Comedies

The IT Crowd

  • Set in the offices of the fictional Reynholm Industries, the programme revolves around the three staff members of its IT (information technology) department.

Big Mouth

  • Raunchy and uncomfortable, this coming of age cartoon comedy follows a group of friends as they interact with each other, and their hormone monsters.

Schitt’s Creek

  • A wealthy family finds themselves down and out in the one place they can salvage – a town they own, named Schitt’s Creek.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

  • Release after being imprisoned for years by a reverend obsessed with the end times, lead character Kimmy makes her way in the world with new found freedom and a 7th grade education. 



Year One

  • Cast out of his village after eating the proverbial forbidden fruit, an oafish Neanderthal and his sidekick set off on a trip through biblical times.


  • This $17 million armoured truck heist will require a genius crew to succeed. These four… are not that crew.

Baby Mama

  • When straightlaced Kate learns she’s infertile, she hires immature Angie to be her surrogate, inviting hilarity as both women prepare for motherhood.

Tropic Thunder

  • This combat film send-up from director-star Ben Stiller tracks a group of actors who are forced to become real-life soldiers.


Stand Up Comedy

Gad Elmaleh:  American Dream

  • In his first English-language special, comedian Gad Elmaleh gleefully digs into America’s food obsessions, dating culture, slang and more.

Tom Papa:  You’re Doing Great!

  • Not an Olympic athlete?  Not living your best life?  Good. This is the comedy special for everyone who’s out there doing the best they can.


Happy Watching!  Show descriptions courtesy of Netflix.