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Most people think that the only way to save money on a hotel is to book through large international third-party travel sites.

Because we're local

  • We put back more into our community which means we give more to you, our guest.
  • When you don’t book through Edmonton’s Best Hotels you miss out on:

  • Receiving up to $225 in FREE cash, gas, or dining cards.
  • A chance to save and splurge at the same time.
  • Getting the most out of your Edmonton getaway.
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    Enjoy peace of mind

    knowing that you're booking through a reputable and reliable organization.

    People always ask us
    "How are you able to give away such great rewards?"

    Edmonton’s Best Hotels is owned and operated by Edmonton Destination Marketing Hotels Ltd., (EDMH) which is a member-driven organization representing over 50 Edmonton based hoteliers from international chains to locally owned boutique hotels

    EDMH’s purpose is to attract overnight tourism to Edmonton and to its member hotels. Together we pool our marketing resources which allow us the ability to make sure visitors who book through Edmonton’s Best Hotels get the most out of their Edmonton stay. EDMH and its brand Edmonton’s Best Hotels is a not-for-profit membership-driven marketing entity.

    Instead of searching for the best deals yourself and missing out on rewards.

    Book through us and get access to
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    Price for every budget

      Best value rates from over 50 Edmonton hotels - from internationally acclaimed chains to locally owned award-winning boutique properties.

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      Cash cards, gas cards, dining cards, or attraction passes. You choose how to save or splurge!

    Save time comparing

      Instead of wasting your time searching the net, spend it on making great memories in Edmonton.

    Save time and money by finding the best deals all in one place
    Edmonton's Best Hotels allows my family and I to enjoy our vacation experience to the fullest. Not only am I getting a great price on the room but I'm also saving money with the rewards I get to choose. Whether it's a dinner out in the city or an adventure in the river valley. Our stays are always that much greater simply because we booked with Edmonton's Best Hotels.
    Jacqueline Sweeney

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    Pick your reward package for one, two or three nights.

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    There’s over 50–something for everyone’s budget. Select what dates you want to stay and book.

    Step 3 - Make Memories

    Enjoy getting the most out of your Edmonton stay. Rewards will be sent directly to your email within 24 hours of checking in.

    Great for getaways and staycations
    My husband, seven-year-old Emelia, and I used Edmonton’s Best Hotels throughout the winter to help us kick those winter blues. Staycations and swimming! Great prices, great rewards! Who doesn’t love a pre-paid gas card these days?
    March 2022

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    Terms and Conditions

    The “1,2, 3 Pick Your Rewards”,
    Terms and Conditions and Blackout Dates

    Rewards Program campaign dates

    Reward package available to book January 5, 2022, for stays from January 5, 2022, to December 31, 2022, for rewards except for noted below blackout dates.

    Rewards are subject to while supplies last. Substitutions of equivalent kind, value may be made as necessary. Rewards are non-transferable, no cash value, no cash back.

    Rewards are non-transferable, non-exchangeable, have no cash value, no cash back.
    Rewards cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion.
    Reward deal is net non-commissionable.

    Blackout dates

    Blackout dates are from July 4, 2022, to September 6, 2022. Edmonton Best Hotels reservations made for hotel stays during the blackout period are not eligible for rewards. The blackout period was put into effect as of Thursday, May 12th, 2022. Any guest who made bookings for hotel stays during the blackout period prior to 11:59 pm, May 12, 2022, will receive the rewards they booked.

    Rewards Program offerings

    Book one night’s stay with Edmonton’s Best Hotels and receive your choice of one of three $50 rewards excluding blackout dates:

    $50 Gas Card or
    $50 Prepaid Mastercard, or
    $50 Ultimate Dining Card

    Book two night’s stay with Edmonton’s Best Hotels and receive your choice of one of five reward packages excluding blackout dates:

    $75 MasterCard and $75 MasterCard, or
    $75 Gas card and $75 MasterCard, or
    $75 Gas card and $75 Ultimate Dining Card, or

    Book three night’s stay with Edmonton’s Best Hotels and receive your choice of one of four reward packages excluding blackout dates:
    Three Night Reward 1: $225 Prepaid Mastercard
    Three Night Reward 3: $75 Ultimate Dining Card + $75 Prepaid Mastercard + $75 Gas Card
    One choice of reward per stay.
    Guest must be 18 years of age or older at time of redemption.
    Rewards distribution
    Rewards will be emailed directly to guests within 24 hours of Edmonton’s Best Hotels confirming their check-in. Rewards are not provided by the hotel’s front desk. All rewards are sent electronically.


    Guest must reserve a minimum of 24 hours prior to arrival.

    Rewards are NOT available for reservations made less than 24 hours in advance of arrival.

    Reservations made directly with hotels and not through Edmonton’s Best Hotels are not eligible for rewards. No exceptions. Rewards are only provided to guests who book through Edmonton’s Best Hotels online booking platform. Booking reservation confirmations will have Edmonton’s Best Hotels branding on them. Rewards not provided for hotel reservations during specified blackout dates.

    Reservations cannot be extended by hotels for additional rewards.

    Guests may add a night to an existing one-night deal reservation and receive additional rewards if the request is made a minimum of 24 hours in advance of arrival.

    Booking terms and conditions

    Rewards provided for more than one night, must be for consecutive nights under one registration under one name at one property. In addition, no more than up to three consecutive nights will be honoured. If a guest checks in for three days and then checks out and re-checks in for the next day, this is considered a consecutive night booking even if the second booking is made at different hotel.

    There must be a minimum of three days between bookings.

    Multiple reservations for the same person for the same night(s) is considered a double booking and only one of those bookings will be eligible for rewards. For example, if a guest books two nights on x and y date and then makes another two-night booking for the same dates at the same hotel or another hotel, EBH considers this a double booking and will honour rewards for only one of those bookings.

    Is there a limit on the number of bookings I make on different dates? Edmonton Best Hotels welcomes repeat business. Some of our guests visit Edmonton every month. Please note as stated earlier there must be a minimum of three days between bookings. Please also note stated blackout dates.


    Cancelling and date changes to reservations

    If a guest wants to cancel or change the dates of their booking.

    What if I want to cancel my booking? Edmonton Best Hotels must cancel your booking (not the hotel). If you want to cancel, contact info@edmh.ca and let us know. We will cancel your booking and send you a cancellation number for your records. Please do not cancel directly with the hotel.

    What if I want to change the dates of my booking? You must contact Edmonton Best Hotels at info@edmh.ca and let us know you want to make a date change. Your original booking must be cancelled first. You will receive a cancellation number for your records. Then, you must rebook for your new dates. The hotel nor Edmonton’s Best Hotels cannot make date changes to the original booking. Please note this does not guarantee you will receive the same hotel rate when you rebook for different dates.

    Any questions, please contact Edmonton Best Hotels at info@edmh.ca


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