Vacationing in the City: Your Ultimate Edmonton Staycation Guide

Ever dreamt of a getaway, but the thought of packing, airports, and jetlag leaves you drained? You’re not alone! But what if I told you an incredible adventure awaits right in your own backyard? That’s right, we’re talking about taking a staycation right here in Edmonton this summer!

Imagine waking up in a luxurious hotel room, ready to explore Edmonton’s vibrant energy, world-class attractions, and hidden gems. A staycation offers the perfect blend of relaxation and exploration, all within the familiar comfort of your city. This guide is your one-stop shop for crafting the ultimate Edmonton staycation experience, guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed, inspired, and bursting with local pride.

Finding Paradise at Home

There’s a certain magic to exploring your own city. Imagine strolling down familiar streets, but this time, with fresh eyes, ready to discover hidden cafes, quirky shops, and historical gems you might have missed in the daily hustle.

Staycations are all about convenience and flexibility. Ditch the rigid itineraries and explore at your own pace. Sleep in, catch a late-night performance, or simply curl up with a good book in a luxurious hotel room – the beauty of a staycation lies in following your whims.
Plus, let’s face it, staycations are budget-friendly! No expensive flights or hefty travel costs. Instead, you can splurge on a luxurious hotel stay, a gourmet meal, or that spa treatment you’ve been eyeing.

Choosing the Perfect Accommodation

Your staycation experience hinges on the perfect home base. Edmonton offers a diverse range of accommodation options to suit every taste and budget.

Luxury Seekers: Pamper yourself at a downtown hotel like the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald, boasting stunning views and impeccable service.

Boutique Lovers: Immerse yourself in the character of a charming bed and breakfast like the Metterra Hotel on Whyte, offering a taste of local charm.

Home Away from Home: Book yourself into a home away from home in one of Edmonton’s beautiful extended-stay hotels, like the Element Edmonton West, which includes an in-room kitchenette to help you save even more money on eating out.

Pro Tip: Consider your location! Staying downtown puts you in the heart of the action, while suburban options offer a quieter atmosphere. Factor in proximity to attractions and access to public transport when making your choice.

Rediscovering Edmonton’s Iconic Attractions

Edmonton is awash with iconic landmarks and cultural institutions waiting to be revisited. Gaze upon the majestic Alberta Legislature Building, a stunning example of neoclassical architecture. Delve into the rich history of the province at the Royal Alberta Museum, or explore the world of science and technology at TELUS World of Science Edmonton.

Art lovers won’t be disappointed. Immerse yourself in the world-class collection of contemporary art at the Art Gallery of Alberta (AGA), or catch a captivating performance at the Citadel Theatre.

Take a ride on the iconic High Level Bridge Streetcar, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the city skyline. Remember that grade school field trip to the Edmonton Valley Zoo? Relive the experience and reconnect with your inner child.

Hidden Neighborhoods and Local Treasures

Beyond the well-trodden tourist path lies a treasure trove of hidden neighbourhoods waiting to be explored. Venture beyond the familiar and discover the unique charm of Old Strathcona, with its trendy cafes and independent shops. Stroll through the energetic Whyte Avenue, buzzing with street performers, live music venues, and quirky boutiques.

Embrace the local spirit by visiting a farmer’s market overflowing with fresh produce and artisanal crafts. Support local businesses by grabbing a coffee at a neighbourhood cafe or indulging in a delicious meal at a local fave you haven’t been to in years. These explorations will allow you to connect with the city’s soul and discover the unique heartbeat of each neighbourhood.

A Feast for the Senses

Edmonton’s culinary scene is an exciting tapestry of flavours waiting to be savoured. Indulge in a fine-dining experience at a critically acclaimed restaurant or embark on a global culinary adventure by exploring international districts.

Foodie markets like the Downtown Farmer’s Market offer a chance to sample fresh, local produce and artisan delights. For a truly unique experience, consider taking a culinary walking tour and learn about Edmonton’s rich food history while tantalizing your taste buds. Whether you’re a seasoned gourmand or a curious explorer, Edmonton’s culinary scene promises a feast for the senses during your staycation.

Finding Serenity Within the City

Escape the urban bustle and reconnect with nature right within Edmonton’s borders. The city boasts an extensive network of parks and trails, offering a surprising oasis for outdoorsy types. Get lost in the tranquillity of the North Saskatchewan River Valley, a vast green space with miles of trails perfect for hiking, biking, or a leisurely stroll. Rent a kayak or paddleboard and explore the river from a different perspective, spotting local wildlife along the way.

Elk Island National Park, just a short drive east of the city, offers a chance to truly escape into the wilderness. Hike scenic trails, spot bison and elk roaming freely, or stargaze under a blanket of pristine darkness in this designated Dark Sky Preserve.

For a taste of history and nature combined, explore Fort Edmonton Park, a living history museum showcasing the city’s fur-trading past. Stroll through reconstructed forts, witness historical re-enactments, and take in the beauty of the surrounding parkland.

Edmonton’s Cultural Tapestry

Edmonton’s lively arts scene offers a plethora of experiences to enrich your staycation. Catch a captivating live performance at the Edmonton Opera House or the Winspear Centre. Engage the world of theatre with a hilarious comedy or a thought-provoking drama.

Explore the city’s numerous art galleries, each showcasing a diverse range of artistic styles and mediums. Take advantage of special exhibits or attend artist talks to gain deeper insights into the creative process.

For a truly unique experience, delve into the world of Edmonton’s Fringe Festival, the largest fringe theatre festival in North America. Witness innovative performances, unconventional storytelling, and embrace the electrifying energy of this artistic celebration.

Rejuvenation for the Mind, Body, and Soul

A staycation is the perfect opportunity to prioritize your well-being. Indulge in some much-needed relaxation and pampering at one of Edmonton’s luxurious spas. Treat yourself to a rejuvenating massage, a soothing facial, or a therapeutic body wrap. Many spas also offer wellness activities like yoga classes or meditation sessions, allowing you to return from your staycation feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Your Edmonton Staycation Awaits!

The beauty of an Edmonton staycation lies in its ability to cater to your every desire. Whether you crave exhilarating adventures, cultural immersion, or pure relaxation, Edmonton has something for everyone. Use this guide as your springboard, craft your perfect itinerary, and embark on a journey of rediscovering your city.

Imagine yourself strolling through neighbourhoods, indulging in culinary delights, and reconnecting with nature’s beauty – all within the familiar comfort of Edmonton. So ditch the travel woes and embrace the staycation revolution. Book your perfect accommodation through Edmonton’s Best Hotels and get up to $225 in rewards with our 1, 2, 3 Reward Deal. Get ready to experience Edmonton like never before. Your ultimate staycation awaits – a blend of adventure, culture, relaxation, and the rediscovery of your city’s hidden gems!

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The “1,2, 3 Pick Your Rewards”, Terms and Conditions and Blackout Dates 

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Book three night’s stay with Edmonton’s Best Hotels and receive your choice of one of four reward packages excluding blackout dates:

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One choice of reward per stay. 

Guest must be 18 years of age or older at time of redemption. 

Prepaid Mastercard’s can be used for online purchases only. In Canada, prepaid Mastercard’s cannot be used at any retail outlet (including your hotel) with point-of-sale systems.

Rewards distribution

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Booking terms and conditions

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There must be a minimum of three days between bookings.

Multiple reservations for the same person for the same night(s) is considered a double booking and only one of those bookings will be eligible for rewards. For example, if a guest books two nights on x and y date and then makes another two-night booking for the same dates at the same hotel or another hotel, EBH considers this a double booking and will honour rewards for only one of those bookings. 

Is there a limit on the number of bookings I make on different dates?  Edmonton Best Hotels welcomes repeat business.  Some of our guests visit Edmonton every month.  Please note as stated earlier there must be a minimum of three days between bookings. Please also note stated blackout dates.

Cancelling and date changes to reservations

If a guest wants to cancel or change the dates of their booking.

What if I want to cancel my booking?  Edmonton Best Hotels must cancel your booking (not the hotel).  If you want to cancel, contact and let us know.  We will cancel your booking and send you a cancellation number for your records.  Please do not cancel directly with the hotel.

What if I want to change the dates of my booking?  You must contact Edmonton Best Hotels at and let us know you want to make a date change.  Your original booking must be cancelled first.  You will receive a cancellation number for your records.  Then, you must rebook for your new dates.  The hotel nor Edmonton’s Best Hotels cannot make date changes to the original booking.  Please note this does not guarantee you will receive the same hotel rate when you rebook for different dates.

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